Redscope Picture Show




The stars are shining bright
On a warm summer night.
You bring your friends out to a field.
You kiss the sky, you pick a star.
You twist and you twirl.
You're dazed and confused
You dont know where you are.
Your body hits the ground
Like two colliding cars.
Look up, don't look down
Turn yourself around
Look up, don't look down
Fall to the ground.
Twinkle twinkle little star
How i wonder what you are
Up upon a world so high
Like a diamond in the sky
You feel like your dreaming
You hope it never ends
You try to stand up
And do it all again
Look up, don't look down
Turn yourself around
Look up, don't look down
Fall to the ground.
The world spins around
like the water in your ear
The sky is a blur
Until you reappear


Deep thought occur late at night.
I lie awake with my eyes closed tight.
A thousand thousand thoughts run through my mind
The only one remembered is
I wish you where mine
I think of you
Thoughts of you come into view
I wish i knew what you were thinking
You've got a perfect face
In a perfect place, oh how appealing
I want to be with you

Through the night and throught the day
I promise you i will not stray
Just one chance is all i need
Just one chance so my
heart won't bleed

I don't care what i say
I dont care what i do
The only thing that matters
Is that I am with you I've never felt this way before
I give you love, you give me more
And I want to be with you
Forever and more

I give you love
You give me more
I want to be with you
f Forever and more

Crying (Outside)

I wakeup in the morning and
I open my eyes
I wonder whats going on
in the world outside

Crying Outside

Hatred and violence all the time
Gotta look out for the crazy kind
Kids with guns are out of their minds
The high school shootings in columbine
Crying Outside Whats with the world today
Gonna give my heart away
Whats with the stupidity
Gonna live my life to be free


I look at the world as if there were no eyes
I look at the world as if there wer e no sight
I feel the skin and bones I feel the blood inside
We're one in the same One big lie

I can't hear I can't see
I can't feel
I don't believe
Paint a picture
With out black and white
See whats there
Look inside
One way or the other
It's all the same
I don't go there
I don't place the blame


Fight for your rights
Don't be afraid
Everybodys one
One in the same

I can't hear
I can't see
I can't feel
I don't believe



Hearts are beating fast Hearts are beating slow Hearts are beating slower now, slower till they go The green wave is turning flat your running out of time Suddenly you realized you flatlined Time is up The man has made his choice The chosen one is you You're buried under dirt Your family's feeling hurt Your never coming backThe light is brighter in my eyes The soul feels lighter as it passes through the heavens and the skies Your floating towards the light Through clouds and vails of white You feel the current waking nerves Heart starts beating endorphine surge

A crowd gathers asking what is it like to be one of few, who flatlined